Business Law

Whether you are starting your own business, buying or selling a business, protecting existing business assets, drafting contracts of any kind or dealing with regulatory, governance or any other business-related issues, Cutler Law Boston can help. Our transactional attorneys understand entrepreneurial endeavors, and have a value-based approach that garners optimal results for new and existing businesses.

Business Planning and Formation

Every year, thousands of new corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC's ) and proprietorships are organized in Massachusetts. If you are an entrepreneur, do not go it alone. Employing the assistance of an experienced attorney can make the difference when navigating the special rules associated with organizing, licensing, zoning, governing and every other aspect of starting a new or ongoing business.

Purchase and Sale of Businesses

The purchase or sale of a business can be fraught with many nuances. Cutler Law Boston can help you maneuver the myriad issues that plague these transactions. With adequate representation, you can avoid much of the risk and pitfalls associated with these transactions.

Contract Drafting and Review

It is very important to draft business contracts properly as they can control nearly every aspect of doing business. Consequently, the drafting and review of contracts constitute one of the most critical roles of a business attorney. When it comes to negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts in the realm of business, Cutler Law Boston can help protect your interests. Whether you are working with a purchase, sale, lease, partnership, retail, or any other contract for you business, our attorneys have the drafting experience and attention to detail required to accomplish your goals.

Business Litigation

While we at Cutler Law Boston continually seek to prevent litigation, we always prepare for it. We handle a wide variety of litigation issues, ranging from contract disputes to claims of unfair and deceptive business practices. We effectively combine a well-honed trial strategy with business savvy to best serve our clients. If you ever require assistance in going to court for your business, our attorneys have the experience to handle an array of claims.


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